5 iOS 16 features coming to iPhone in 2023: Apple Pay Later, Security Keys for Apple ID, and more

Now that 2023 has arrived, a new iOS software update will be revealed at WWDC in June. The arrival of 2023 also signals the impending release of delayed iOS 16 features for all iPhone owners.

iOS 16

Here are some iOS 16 that you will be able to use on your iPhone this year

Apple Pay Later

In September 2022, it was revealed that Apple Pay Later would launch in 2023 with iOS 16.3. The launch of the service was been delayed due to developmental issues. Apple Pay Later is a service that will allow customers to split a purchase into four equal payments over six weeks, with no interest or fees to pay. It will be available within the Wallet app when it launches so users can easily view, track and repay their payments.

Apple Pay Later

Web Push Notifications

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 will gain opt-in support for web-based push notifications this year. This means that users will be able to receive notifications from Safari, even when the browser is not running.

Security Keys for Apple ID

The purpose of Security Keys for Apple ID is to make two-factor authentication stronger. Users will be able to use the new feature to add third-party hardware or physical security keys to prevent hackers from gaining access to their iCloud data by phishing for their second factor.

Apple advanced security features - iOS 16.3

Advanced Data Protection

End-to-end encryption will be extended to new data categories, including iCloud Backup, Photos, Notes, and more with Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. With the new functionality, 23 different types of data will all be end-to-end encrypted, with the exception of Mail, contacts, and calendar.

Apple Card Savings Account

Apple Card Savings will also be launched this year. The lucrative account will allow users to save their Daily Cash, among other benefits, and grow their rewards in a “high-yield” Savings account from Goldman Sachs. Apple says that the Savings account does not have any hidden fees, minimum deposits, or minimum balance requirements.

Users will be able to deposit additional funds into their Apple Card Savings account through a linked bank account, or from their Apple Cash balance. These funds can be withdrawn at any time by transferring them to a bank account or Apple Cash Card.

Apple Card Savings

Apple is currently testing iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 with developers. The software updates will likely arrive in the coming weeks.

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