iOS 16 brings new RoomPlan API to ARKit and SMS filter API for Messages app

The upcoming iOS 16 update is packed with novel and innovative features like customizable Lock Screen, FreeForm, and much more. In addition to new technologies for users, iOS 16 also brought new capabilities for developers to incorporate into their apps like the RoomPlan API for ARKit and SMS Filter API for Apple’s Messages app.

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Developers can offer 3-D floor plans and screening of spam messages with new APIs on iOS 16

Apple CEO Tim Cook has often expressed belief in the versatile potential of augmented reality tech to bring new experiences. Using the LiDAR scanner in iPad Pro models (2020 and newer) and iPhone 12 Pro models, developers have introduced AR apps for education, fashion, interior design, health, entertainment and more.

Apple - RoomPlan API

Building on the AR experience for interior design, Apple has added a new RoomPlan framework for users to create 3-D floor plans on their iPhone and iPad more accurately. The new capability built into apps will allow users to plan the architecture, interior decor, and other aspects of setting up their homes, offices, and any other space.

Use RoomPlan to create a 3D model of an interior room. The framework uses a device’s sensors, trained ML models, and RealityKit’s rendering capabilities to capture the physical surroundings of an interior room. For example, the framework inspects a device’s camera feed and LiDAR readings and identifies walls, windows, openings, and doors. RoomPlan also recognizes room features, furniture, and appliances, for example, a fireplace, bed, or refrigerator, and provides that information to the app.

Apple - RoomPlan API

Furthermore, the iOS 16 update also includes a new SMS Filter API for Messages, and enhancements to the filter classification API.

SMS message filter extensions can help people manage Messages by filtering SMS messages from unknown senders. Discover how to create apps with message filter extensions that automatically categorize SMS messages into folders and sub-folders based on message contents and other heuristics.

Apple - SMS Filter API

Developers will be able to create new message filters into 12 additional sub-categories for Transactions, Promotions, and Junk categories. 

  • Transactions
    • Finance
    • Reminders
    • Orders
    • Health
    • Public Services
    • Weather
    • Carrier
    • Rewards
    • Others
  • Promotions
    • Offers
    • Coupons
    • Others
  • Junk

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