iOS 17.4 opens up real-time Apple Card data to third-party apps

Apple’s recent update, iOS 17.4, allows budgeting apps to access real-time transaction information for Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Apple Savings accounts. This is a big change for users who want a more comprehensive view of their finances.

iOS 17.4 beta

iOS 17.4 revolutionizes financial management

Previously, users of budgeting apps have faced challenges in keeping track of their expenses in real time, especially when it comes to credit card transactions.

Thankfully, with iOS 17.4, Apple has addressed this issue by empowering budgeting apps to retrieve real-time transaction data directly from the Apple Card. This means that users can now enjoy up-to-the-minute insights into their spending habits, allowing for more informed financial decision-making.

Apple Card

Seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem

One of the key advantages of this update is its seamless integration with the broader Apple ecosystem. By leveraging the power of Apple’s ecosystem, users can now access their financial data across multiple Apple devices effortlessly. Whether you’re checking your transactions on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, the information stays synchronized in real time, providing a unified and consistent experience.

Several popular budgeting apps are already capitalizing on this new functionality. YNAB, Copilot, and Monarch Money have already integrated support, allowing their users to effortlessly connect their Apple accounts and enjoy automatic transaction updates within their preferred budgeting platform.

Security and privacy

While enjoying the advantages of real-time data access, it’s crucial to remember that security and privacy remain paramount:

  • Before connecting any financial accounts to third-party apps, users should thoroughly research the app’s security practices and data protection policies. Additionally, enabling two-factor authentication and utilizing strong passwords offer further layers of protection.

The introduction of real-time Apple Card data access in iOS 17.4 signifies a significant step forward for budgeting app users and Apple Card holders. By providing real-time insights into their spending patterns, users can identify areas where they can save money, set budgeting goals, and make more informed financial decisions.

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