These iOS 17 features won’t be available until later this year

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update for iPhone is packed with exciting new features. While the initial release in September will bring many improvements, including upgrades to Messages, a new StandBy mode, and more, a few eagerly anticipated features won’t be available until later in the year.

iOS 17 beta 6

iOS 17 Journal app, NameDrop, and collaborative Apple Music playlists will not be available at launch

1. The Journal app

One of the most anticipated additions to iOS 17 is the Journal app. Apple has teased it as a novel way to “appreciate life and preserve memories.” This app will utilize machine learning to suggest moments worth remembering.


It will prompt you to create journal entries based on various aspects of your life, such as photos, music, workouts, and more. However, the Journal app won’t make its debut with the initial iOS 17 release in September. Apple has stated that it will become available “later this year.”Journal

2. Upgraded AirDrop features

iOS 17 brings significant enhancements to AirDrop, making file sharing even more seamless. Among the new features is “NameDrop,” which allows for easy swapping of contact information. Additionally, the ability to initiate content sharing by simply bringing two devices close to each other will be a game-changer.

iOS 17 - namedrop

Apple also unveiled a remarkable feature that ensures the completion of AirDrop transfers even when you move away from the receiving device. The transfer will continue securely and in full quality over the internet if both you and the recipient are signed in to iCloud. However, this feature will also be part of the “later this year” update and is not included in the initial iOS 17 beta.

3. Collaborative playlists in Apple Music

For music enthusiasts, iOS 17 will introduce collaborative playlists in Apple Music. This feature allows you to invite friends to join a playlist, enabling everyone to add, reorder, or remove songs. Emoji reactions to songs in the Now Playing interface add a fun twist to music sharing. Regrettably, this feature won’t be accessible with the first iOS 17 release; Apple has confirmed it’s slated for a release “later this year.”

Apple Music

Other delayed features

  • Messages in iOS 17 will allow users to create stickers from photos and share them from the ‘Plus’ menu, with future support for sharing via the Tapback menu. Settings synchronization, including text message forwarding, SMS filters, and accounts, will be possible through iCloud in a later release.
  • The News widget will gain playback controls for Apple News podcasts and News+ audio stories on iOS 17.
  • AirDrop will gain the capability to complete file transfers using the Internet if a local peer-to-peer connection is lost.
  • Systemwide intelligent PDF form detection with enhanced AutoFill will be available in apps like Files and Mail, as well as for scanned documents.
  • The Fitness app will allow users to prioritize the volume of trainer voices or music during training sessions on iOS 17.
  • Proximity sign-in using the particle cloud technology, used by devices like HomePod and Apple Watch, will be expanded to make it easier to sign in to other devices using a trusted iPhone or iPad.
  • iOS 17 will enable users to tap to unlock Matter-enabled smart locks with a home key or set up a PIN code in the Home app.

In summary, while iOS 17 is set to bring a wave of improvements and exciting features in September, some highly anticipated additions like the Journal app, enhanced AirDrop features, and collaborative playlists in Apple Music will require a bit more patience. Plans can change, and Apple may adjust its timelines based on feedback and development progress.

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