Messages in iOS 17: redesigned app drawer, swipe to reply, Check In, sticker drawer and more

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17 update brings a host of exciting improvements to the Messages app, making communication more seamless and enjoyable than ever before. From a centralized stickers drawer to advanced search filters and location-sharing features, users can expect a comprehensive upgrade to their messaging experience.

iOS 17

Here are all the new features coming to Messages with iOS 17

All iMessage apps in one place

With the new iOS 17 update, accessing your most frequently used iMessage apps is easier than ever. By tapping the new plus button, users can instantly view commonly shared items such as photos, audio messages, and location details. To explore additional iMessage apps, simply swipe up to reveal the rest of your available apps. This convenient feature streamlines the process of accessing and sharing content within conversations.

iOS 17 Messages

Check In

The Check In feature in iOS 17 Messages provides a seamless way to keep your friends and family informed about your safe arrival at a designated destination. Whether it’s returning home or reaching any other location, Check In automatically notifies selected contacts when you’ve arrived safely. This feature adds an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind for both senders and recipients.

Check in

Swipe to reply

To make catching up on conversations more efficient, iOS 17 introduces a catch-up arrow that allows users to jump directly to the first unread message in a conversation. Additionally, users can now swipe to the right on any message to send a quick reply, making it even easier to stay engaged in conversations.


Search Filters

The improved search functionality in iOS 17 Messages offers powerful and precise search capabilities. Users can combine multiple search filters to narrow down their search and quickly find specific conversations or messages. This refined search feature enables users to locate desired content with greater speed and accuracy.

Messages Search filters

Share and view locations directly within Messages

Sharing and viewing locations becomes more convenient with the iOS 17 update. Users can now share their own location or request a friend’s location directly from the plus button within Messages. When a location is shared, it can be viewed directly within the conversation, eliminating the need to switch between different apps or screens.

iOS 17 Messages location

Audio message transcripts

Audio messages now come with the added benefit of transcription in iOS 17 Messages. This feature transcribes received audio messages, allowing users to read them in real-time. It provides an alternative method of consuming audio content, enabling users to quickly grasp the message without needing to listen to the audio itself.

iOS 17 Messages audio transcript

All iMessage stickers in one place

iOS 17 introduces the stickers drawer, a centralized location for accessing all your Live Stickers, emoji, Memoji, and other sticker packs. This feature ensures easy access to stickers across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, thanks to iCloud syncing. Users can now personalize their conversations with unique stickers and make their interactions more engaging.

iOS 17 Messages stickers

Users can also create personalized Live Stickers using their own photos. By touching and holding an object in a photo, users can transform it into a sticker and apply various effects such as shiny, puffy, comic, and outline. This customization option adds a fun and creative touch to conversations.

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  1. iMessage app tray is dog crap. Just saying. You’d think Apple would have left the menu inline until they could make a better interface choice than some pop up, sub-contextual menu that you have to scroll and click through.

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