Apple unveils new ‘Journal’ app for iPhone with iOS 17

After months of industry reports and rumors, Apple today announced iOS 17 with a dedicated journaling app called “Journal.” This new app aims to assist users in tracking their daily lives, similar to other popular journaling apps like Day One. With Journal, users can effortlessly log their thoughts and activities on a regular basis.

Journal iOS 17

iOS 17 “Journal” app offers personalized suggestions and enhanced privacy powered by machine learning

The new journaling app harnesses the power of on-device machine learning to provide personalized suggestions to inspire your writing. As explained by Apple, these suggestions will be carefully curated from information stored on your device, such as photos, location data, music choices, and workout routines. Rest assured, users have complete control over which suggestions are included and which ones they choose to save in their Journal.

Journal Journal

The journaling app offers the convenience of scheduling notifications for the start or end of your day, ensuring you never forget to write. Additionally, these notifications will inform you when new suggestions become available. Apple emphasizes that privacy is a top priority, incorporating on-device processing, end-to-end encryption, and the option to lock your journal for added security.


In conclusion, Apple’s introduction of Journal marks a significant step forward in personal journaling. Its integration of on-device machine learning, personalized suggestions, and robust privacy features offers a user-friendly experience for capturing and preserving daily moments. 

Alongside the new journaling app, iOS 17 is set to offer StandBy mode, redesigned Messages app, and a new NameDrop feature with AirDrop as well as improvements for Siri, keyboard, stickers, and more.

Journal will come to iPhone in the fall as a part of iOS 17 alongside the announcement of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. The first developer beta of iOS 17 has been released for developers and a public beta will become available in July.

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