iOS 5 to feature Automatic Update Feature for Apps?

Apple may have slipped with a new feature that will be built into iOS 5. A notice was popping up for users in the My App Update Page (Which has since been removed), with the final sentence reading “Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync.

iOS 5 to feature Automatic Update Feature for Apps?

It looks like Apple may have spilled the beans a bit early. Based on what we see here, your Apple device will now be able to go grab updates for your apps behind the scenes and update them automatically. Obviously this is an option, so you can always choose to not have them update. (But who would?)

This may also include more than just app updates, and may also include iOS updates being pushed OTA (Over the Air). Most other vendors and OS models already do this (Android, Blackberry), so it would make sense for Apple to do this with their devices. They can still protect against privacy and in my opinion, can block unlockers and jailbreakers much easier this way.

With WWDC only 3 days away, we can’t wait to see what Apple is going to pull out of the bag. iOS 5 will be huge.

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