iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Exploit Patched Already?

Even though it took less than 48 hours for Dev-Team to demonstrate iOS 5 root access by publishing photos of jailbroken iPod touch 4G using Limera1n bootrom exploit from Geohot, the jailbreak is however based on a tethered boot. Also, getting it untethered anytime soon isn’t going to be easy since the untethered exploit from @i0n1c might already have been patched by Apple in iOS 5 beta developer release.

In a recent tweet, Stefan Esser aka @i0n1c said the following:

“R.I.P. – I just heard Apple killed the ndrv_setspec() integeroverflow and his friends in iOS 5.0b1 – if this is true the untether is dead”


It is quite clear that Apple is doing everything it can to close every potential loophole in iOS with every subsequent update. Jailbreakers and hackers will most likely need to discover a brand new exploit to get any future jailbreaks untethered. We’ll update you when have more information regarding this, so stay tuned!

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