iOS App Store economy supports over 2.2 million jobs in the U.S.

In 2021 as well, the iOS App Store economy recorded substantial economic growth to achieve a 118% increase in the United States over the past years. New research by independent firms has found that the iOS app store economy is one of the most thriving and innovative global digital markets with over 2.2 million jobs in the U.S., bringing substantial changes which will continue in the post-COVID-19 world.

iOS App Store economy

Small businesses in particular are thriving on iOS App Store

Two independent analyses of the iOS App Store revealed that the economy facilitates innovation, and supports entrepreneurs to create new businesses, and reach customers along with growing their teams of coders, creatives, and designers.

  • First analysis conducted by the independent economists from Analysis Group titled “Spotlight on Small Business & App Creators on the App Store”  found that developers’ earnings have increased “significantly” over the past two years. More importantly, the revenue earned by small developers has been higher than that of large developers in the U.S.

While earnings for all developers have grown, revenue for smaller developers active on the App Store in 2019 increased by 113 percent over the past two years — outpacing the earnings growth of large developers by more than double. In the US, those smaller developers, defined as those earning up to $1 million a year and with fewer than 1 million annual downloads, saw an above-average increase of 118 percent in earnings since 2019.

  • The second analysis conducted by Progressive Policy Institute revealed that in the past two years, more businesses are using apps to reach customers in innovative ways iOS App Store economy created millions of jobs for software development, sales, designers, and more in the United States.

These digital and hybrid shifts have endured even as COVID-related restrictions have lifted in many parts of the world. These developers and their apps have helped people find new and often lasting ways to collaborate with colleagues, find entertainment, hone their creativity, and connect with friends and family.

iOS App Store economy

It was also found that the iOS App Store economy was a flourishing market for developers worldwide in 2021, especially new developers.

  • 24% of new developers came from Europe.
  • 23% of new developers came from China.
  • 14% of new developers came from the U.S.
  • 4.3% of new developers came from Japan.
  • 34% of new developers came from other regions including Brazil, Korea, and India.
  • In the UK, the economy saw a 40% increase in new developers since 2019.
  • In Germany, the app economy saw a 25% increase in new developers since 2019.

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