Sketchy rumor claims Apple is working on redesigned iCloud Time Machine and AirPort routers

An Apple leaker with a good track record, @Majin Bu claims that the tech giant is working on a new iCloud Time Machine for macOS 13 and AirPort routers. As no one else has reported on the alleged devices, therefore, we are taking this information with a pinch of salt.

Apple launched AirPort routers in 2013 but discontinued the line in 2018. However, the recent discovery of Apple’s mysterious “Network Adapter” in FCC filings has given rise to the speculation that the tech giant might introduce its next-generation routers. The unreleased adapter is codenamed  “A2657” and features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB-C port, and NFC antennas. It also has two models: 32GB and 1.5GB of RAM with a USB-C port and 32GB and 1GB of RAM with a Lightning port.

Apple - Airport router

The alleged iCloud Time Machine would work with the new AirPort router

Currently, iCloud Drive or Time Mac sync users’ data across their Apple devices. So, if a file is deleted from or added to one device, it automatically gets removed or saved on other devices on the same Apple ID. However, an ideal backup solution would prevent such deletion from syncing across devices and offer more storage space.

Apple - Airport router

A redesigned iCloud Time Machine would allow the tech giant to keep users in its ecosystem and boost the sales of Apple’s wireless devices like the alleged AirPort router. Apple Insider writes:

If Apple is bringing back AirPort, it will likely continue as the Mac’s main backup solution apart from external drives. Transferring files inside a local network is far faster than uploading to iCloud. And, downloading an internet-based backup to restore a completely crashed drive would take a very, very long time.

In that light, maybe iCloud Time Machine would work alongside AirPort.

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