iOS developers receive payments from Apple’s $100 million settlement fund

Apple has started to send out payments to eligible iOS developers under its $100 million Small Developer Assistance fund.

In 2019, iOS developers in the United State sued Apple over App Store’s 30% commission for all in-app purchases which became a class-action lawsuit. The plaintiffs accused the company of creating an App Store monopoly to impose “profit-killing” commissions.

In 2021, Apple settled the lawsuit and agreed to introduce changes to the App Store policies and practices like allowing developers to directly communicate alternative payment methods to the customers, establishing a $100 million fund for small developers who were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. The proposal went into effect after the court’s approval.

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U.S. developers entitled to receive up to $30,000 from Apple’s $100 million Small Developer Assistance fund

Apparently, the court has approved the settlement terms between U.S. developers and Apple and now the company is setting out cash payments. Developers of Equaldex, Dododex, and ChacyLists @Dan Leveille shared the news on Twitter with the screenshot of an $8,064 payment received from the tech giant’s $100 million fund for small developers.

When some commentators questioned the authenticity of the payment as it sounded too good to be true, Leveille reassured them that it was not a scam but genuine.

At the time of settlement, Apple said that 99% of its developers will be covered under the fund’s eligibility criteria in the United States. Phil Schiller, Apple Fellow who oversees the App Store said:

“From the beginning, the App Store has been an economic miracle; it is the safest and most trusted place for users to get apps, and an incredible business opportunity for developers to innovate, thrive, and grow. We would like to thank the developers who worked with us to reach these agreements in support of the goals of the App Store and to the benefit of all of our users.”

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