iOS 14.4.1 Battery life tested on older and new iPhone models – Not a good result

YouTuber @iAppleBytes tested iOS 14.4.1 battery life, drain, and performance on Geekbench to check if the performance depletes and the result was not promising.

This video was shot 3 days after iOS 14.4.1 was installed, so it had time to settle in. I have seen many comments that it takes about a week for battery performance to optimize itself after an iOS update.

I have always been skeptical of this statement as I have never personally had bad battery life right after I update. If I restore and download backup from iCloud well then that is another story. So I decided to run the battery test 5 days after I updated them. In those 5 days they were just idling with power connected. So let’s run the battery test again, and see if we will get some different results this time around.

iOS 14.4.1 - battery test

Geekbench battery life test of iPhone models on iOS 14.4.1

Prior to the test, @iAppleBytes turned the display brightness of all smartphones was set to 25% display, auto-brightness was disabled, were on the same settings, and connected to the same access point.

The iPhone model 

  • iPhone SE (first-generation) – 98% battery health
  • iPhone 6s – 100% battery health
  • iPhone 7 – 100% battery health
  • iPhone 8 – 99% battery health
  • iPhone XR – 92% battery health
  • iPhone 11 – 100% battery health
  • iPhone SE (second-generation) – 96% battery health

iOS 14.4.1 - battery test

Battery Scores 

  • iPhone SE (first-generation) – 1750
  • iPhone 6s – 1770
  • iPhone 7 – 2283
  • iPhone 8 – 2069
  • iPhone XR – 3133
  • iPhone 11 – 3315
  • iPhone SE (second-generation) – 2127

The Verdict 

Oh no.. not a good result for iOS 14.4.1. Even considering that the XR and SE 2020 dropped in battery health. All other devices remained on the same battery health, 100% or 99%. But all devices dropped in battery performance according to Geekbench 4’s battery test. All, except the iPhone 11 which scored exactly the same as iOS 14.4.

What a gut punch that is after we saw a great battery life test from iOS 14.4. As for the XR even if it dropped 4% in battery health it only dropped 4% in performance where devices like the 7 and 8 dropped a whopping 7% and 8% at the same battery health level. One thing to consider before updating, Battery life or Security? tough choice.

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