iPad banned in Yankee Stadium

If you are a baseball fan and planning to watch a match live in Yankee Stadium, you should not even think about bringing your iPad there. Well if you do bring you iPad their then you may end up going back home or going inside without your iPad.

iPad_not_alllowed in yankee-stadium According to a report from Yahoo Sports, iPad is somehow included under the “no laptops” rule in the security policy of Yankee Stadium so you are not allowed to take your iPad there. That’s what Duk wrote in his report:

Actually, they won’t let anyone bring their cool new toy through the gates. I called over to the Yankees’ security department to confirm this story and was told that the ban is true. All iPads fall under the “no laptops” rule in its existing security policy and are not allowed at Yankee Stadium.

There are many things odd about this iPad ban. First of all, iPad is not a laptop . Secondly, a device like iPad is obviously safe and there’s no way it would damage anything in the stadium. Well, unless you hit someone in the head with it, then there are chances of blood and pain.

Still, if somebody asks why you need an iPad while watching the match. Here are a few answers: you can access great apps like ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper app or you can use any other app if the match gets boring. And another reason could be that the stadium is at a long drive from your home and you need to access internet with your iPad 3G. You could also be a blogger like us and addicted to the Internet and writing blog posts on the spot.

We’ve got you covered with the reasons. You’re welcome.

[via cnet]


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  1. The iPad is in the same category as a laptop — get over it. You don't need a laptop at a sporting event — the bright screen will distract paying customers around you. Don't go to the game if you don't like it.

  2. I agree — the Yankees suck. Try as you might — the iPad either fits in the laptop category (albeit a gimped laptop) or it fits in the iPod/PMP category (considering you can't install REAL apps on it and you need to have a computer to sync the pathetic thing anyway). But yeah, the Yankees suck — I agree.

  3. The iPad is NOT in the same category as a laptop. And you think the iPad might distract you, the idiots all around you screaming obscenities are more than enough of a reason for me to stay home and play with my iPad. Besides, who would want to go to a Yankees game? I want to watch a team with talent….

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