Another iPhone 4G/HD leaked- this time with a White Surface

Looks like Apple is now getting used to watching iPhone 4G leaks as today there is yet another iPhone 4G leak. This time Apple.Pro got hold of this leaked iPhone 4G and interestingly the surface of this iPhone is completely white.

white iPhone 4g

Previously we saw some images of iPhone 4G with black and white panels but this leaked version is different from that as it is completely white. This white iPhone is more like the one that was leaked by Gizmodo as it has screw holes at the bottom which show it could be just another prototype. Overall, this device is same as the previous leaks and the white color looks cool but black is better in our opinion.

white iPhone 4g_2

We are just a couple of weeks away from WWDC 2010 where Apple will unveil its new iPhone 4G and surely our questions about iPhone 4G/HD will be answered. One thing will be interesting to see that how many more leaks we will see in the coming two weeks. [via macstories]

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