Will Sprint Get The iPhone This Summer?

Since some months, we have been hearing rumors that iPhone will have Sprint as its carrier for iPhone after the launch of iPhone 4G.And today Mac Rumors has received unofficial words via jkontherun that Sprint could very possibly get iPhone 4G this summer.


We can’t believe every rumor but still we wish this one is true because it will definitely  increase the sales of iPhone and both Apple and Sprint will benefit from it. Having 4G Internet speed on the iPhone would totally blow the competition out of the water as well. Currently, the HTC Evo 4G is the only phone that take advantage of Sprint’s 4G network and having iPhone added to their portfolio, would definitely be something they would secretly be hoping for. James Kendrick mentioned that the source is reliable but still he said “totally unlikely to come true”.

In the “totally unlikely to come true” department, yesterday I was told that Sprint will be getting the iPhone this summer. You heard that right, while rumors have long pointed to Big Red getting the iPhone this year, never has it been mentioned that Sprint would be selling the iPhone. I can’t believe this is true, although the source has been reliable in the past and does work for Sprint.

Macrumors further mentioned that a Sprint related source mentioned that Sprint would get the iPhone this summer, most probably in September. Couple of months ago, TechUpdate post said that according to a Best Buy employee iPhone will be coming to Sprint.

Last week,the Sprint Chief Financial Officer was asked questions about the iPhone and he only said “we’d love to have it”. But still he denied about having any deal with Apple. WWDC is only a few days away and we will find out for sure if this rumors has any weight to it.

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  1. so will sprint get beside att that i know is getting and Verizon i believe if all 3 networks get it will increases sales for apple more then 300% and i think that every one will love it im a mac user i love the iphone but att and verizon don't have the 4 g so why is apple calling there new iphone 4g hd with out a 4g network so the iphone will run on a 3 g network it dose not make senses at all

    1. Apple is not calling the iPhone 4 a 4g device that would be misleading info I work at AT&T and I get calls all the time since this “4G” have came out Apple do not have a 4g serivce yet. All iPhones no matter if its on AT&T or VZW they ALL work off 3g.

  2. Apple calls it the ‘4g iPhone’ because its a 4th Generation iPhone, not a 4g network iPhone.

    and for Sprint getting the iPhone, i’m not sure.

  3. Sprint should totally get the Iphone because it already has the 4g network, At&t and Verizon are in the beginning stage, so why not get it for Sprint since it already meets requirement and they have good rate plans, making there company more desirable to consumers.

  4. I think that sprint should have the Iphone since like other comments I’m a sprint customer I was a an att customer before and I had an Iphone in the past love it but the drop calls and now since sprint is in the 4g network I think we r more strongly to u use the Iphone than att itself once again sprint do anything in your power to get that Iphone please

  5. i would love the iphone with sprint…if they dont get it i will switch to verision or at&t

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