iPad will create new advertising opportunities

Since Apple will be launching the iPad in early part of April, online advertisers are already planning new advertising methods. As iPad can run almost all the iPhone and iPod touch applications, advertising companies could rely on the current advertising system of the iPhone.

iPad The 9.7 inch display of iPad would create new opportunities for advertising companies to start new ad campaigns and they would be able to do more with ads because of its larger display. PointRoll and AdMarvel will collaborate to create new interactive ads on the iPad for major publishers like USA Today as reported in the digital marketing news site ClickZ.

Max Mead, vice president of business development with PointRoll, reportedly said

“You could very easily run much the same ad as you do on the iPhone on the iPad, but that would not really be fully leveraging the potential”

Advertisers will also face some troubles for iPad because it will not support Adobe Flash and no cross domain cookies as was the case for iPhone but still iPad ad format will be more interactive and would allow more dynamic advertisement.

[via AppleInsider]

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