Digg iPhone App now available for download

Digg As expected, Digg’s iPhone app is now available for download in the App Store, and it’s available for free. The app has been made by Digg and TapTapTap and really provides a great experience for users on the go. It provides the complete functionality that you get on the website, so you wouldn’t need to fire up the browser.

Digg iPhone App

I’ve been using the app and I am very satisfied with the experience it offers. Think of it as the Facebook app which provides a somewhat better experience than the website – the same applies to the Digg app.

Check out the complete feature list for the Digg app:

  • Browse lists of the top stories in 24 hours, recently popular stories, and upcoming stories with rising interest
  • Preview any story in a list by clicking the arrow next to each item in the list, which will reveal the story description, source, thumbnail, date, and submitter
  • Save any story you’re interested in to a list for easy access later
  • View websites in an integrated browser, with options to Digg, bury, save, and share the story in-line
  • Read through and vote on the comments for any story
  • Search for any story on Digg and sort results by date, Digg count, or relevance.
  • Easily share stories with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email
  • Best of all, login to link the app to your digg.com account and easily Digg or bury both comments and stories

The app can be downloaded from the App Store now for free.

Download Digg from iTunes

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