Corsair’s 100GB Force SSD is a speed demon!

The solid state drive war has been picking up heat since Intel released their X-25 SSD. Corsair took things a little further with this little speed demon, it’s lightning fast and it’s just for 400 US dollars for the 100GB model!

It’s cheap, it’s small and it’s lightning fast! This drive can burn a hole inside your PC! It’s no doubt the fastest SSD ever made, it scorched the Intel x-25 and the Indilinx Barefoot-controlled drives right off the test bench. It’s the perfect drive for speed. We really can’t wait to get our hands on one and try it out ourselves. The drive will be out in a few days time with a price of $499 for the 100GB model and $699 for the 200GB model, now that’s a really competitive price for such drive. Tell us what you think if you get your hands on one.

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