iPad Gains a Stick-On Thumbstick for tactile resistance via Fling

The touchscreen technology is a treat on its own but let us be honest, does it really suffice from a gaming point of you? Well, not if you are thinking that your iPad touchscreen would replace your joystick controller. To make things much more convenient for iPad users, particularly gamers, the generous engineers at Ten One Design have worked out an innovative solution named, Fling. Fling is a stick-on plastic thumbstick which offers a bit of resistance as well as tactile recognization but rest assured this does not compromise the touch sensitivity of the controls.

The new Fling has been designed in such a way that it can be conveniently placed anywhere on the iPad screen and made use of as the user wishes. This new piece constitutes two suction cups that can stick to the iPad bezel and cover a limited amount of space rather than sliding all over the screen. Moreover, the plastic make ensures clear and unspoiled view, and thus ensuring precision and smooth operation.

Fling is available for pre-order from tenonedesign and the compensation is $24.95 per piece.

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