From a Motion-Sensing Kinect to a Motion Capturing Kinect device [Kinect Hack Video]

Yes, it’s true. We had previously covered how Kinect hacks had paved way for RTS interface concept and also how Kinect could augment images of the user. This time round, we show you how Kinect usage has become even more practical with the allowance of home grown motion capture.  Motion capture is not easy business by any means – it involves effort which is why most amateurs would avoid such a thing. One thing that really makes it a piece of cake is Microsoft’s Kinect. How? Well, through yet another Kinect hack, what else!  We have seen them before and we see another impressive effort right here.

Notice how this particular Kinect hack cuts through the lycra suits, opposed to the Kinect technology, and imprints all data into the mo-cap software MotionBuilder after it accesses it. This would surely help most game developers and even movie developers to create basic character models and make them look very close to reality. Having said that, this one would really be registered as one the fittest Kinect hacks designed till date.

(via Kotaku)

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