iPhone 12 5G and LTE connectivity issues reported by users

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro users are reporting issues with their cellular connections dropping unexpectedly (both 5G and LTE), especially during travel. Though the issue is widely discussed on various online forums, Apple has not commented on the situation yet.

The complete iPhone 12 line-up supports 5G network. But the coverage of the next-generation cellular connection is unevenly available in major parts of the world because the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the network’s expansion. Having said that, users are experiencing 5G and LTE connectivity issues, so it can be assumed that the problem is with the smartphone, not the coverage.

iPhone 12 5G

iPhone 12 users experience LTE and 5G connectivity issues

Many users on Reddit and the MacRumors Forums are sharing issues with their cellular connection on the new iPhones 12 models when signals just unexpectedly drop. One user wrote:

“I’ve been seeing reports of this with mostly AT&T, but I am also now running into this issue on Verizon with a brand new SIM that came preinstalled in my new iPhone 12 Pro that I reserved via the iPhone Upgrade Program. Basically, the phone will randomly revert to No Service and does not fix itself unless I completely reboot my phone”

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Another said that the cellular connection goes from 4-5 bars and saying LTE in the status bar to dropping to 0-1 bar and the LTE disappears. This happens over and over with the bars appearing and disappearing:

“So far I’ve spoken with Apple and AT&T but neither has been able to help. I upgraded from an iphone 6s to an iphone 12 pro. I got it this Saturday and set it up. After I activated it I noticed the internet wasn’t working. As long as I’m connected to WIFI I can use any apps or safari with no problem, but if I’m not connected to wifi and I try to do anything (click on an app, make a call, use safari, etc…). It goes from 4-5 bars and saying LTE in the status bar to dropping to 0-1 bars and the LTE disappears and it won’t connect to the internet. Then after a few seconds it will pop back to 4-5 bars with LTE but then a few more seconds it will disappear again.”

Even when users try to access cellular data in a well-developed city with excellent reception, the connection still drops. This suggests that the problem may be with the handsets and their internals rather than the service carriers:

“I received my 12 Pro today, and within 5 minutes of leaving the house I experienced my first drop in cell service. First zero signal bars, then after 20 seconds or so switches to No Service. After about a minute of sitting idle in that state with no data, it eventually picks back up on LTE. I figured it could be a one off, but sure enough while down in a well developed city with excellent reception, it drops again and does the same thing.”

iPhone 12 Pro

Though there is no official fix for this issue, one user suggests that disabling “Data Roaming,” but leaving “5G On” enabled would help in resolving the connectivity problems. We are hoping that it is just a software bug, and Apple will release a fix in the next iOS update.

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