iPhone 12 mini will increase demand of smaller smartphones – Report

According to a recent report, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini can bring smaller smartphones in demand. Based on the global smartphone consumer market trends, Kantar writes that the advanced features in a compact size of the iPhone 12 mini are “in-line with many areas of market growth” which are likely to attract more buyers in 2020 Q4.

“Mid-tier smartphones also continue to attract consumers YoY. In the latest quarter across all reported markets, the iPhone SE, Samsung A series and/or Xiaomi all feature in the top 5.”

The new iPhone 12 mini offers most of the high-end features for a much lower price. Starting at $699, the smallest iPhone 12 is powered by the fastest smartphone chip, A14 Bionic, support 5G network, OLED display with ceramic shield protections, a dual-camera system with wide and ultra-wide lens and Dolby Vision HDR video recording, and more.

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini to set a smaller smartphones trend in Q4 2020

Director of Consumer Insight at Kantar, Jennifer Chan writes that in Q3 2020 there is an increase in mid-tier smartphone sales in the EU, USA, Australia, China, and Japan. To the consumers who are spendings more cautiously during the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple’s new iPhone 12 line-up, gives them a diverse range of options to choose from.

“Apple’s offering of 4 models in this year’s line-up is a very interesting strategy, particularly in the premium-tier price range (one tier below super-premium) with iPhone 12 mini.

While share growth over the last couple of years has been for larger screen sizes, Apple is tackling both ends of the spectrum with this launch, as at least a third of smartphones owned in all markets except China have a screen size less than 5.5” and over 12% buyers chose their model specifically for “how it fits in my hand/pocket.”

iPhone 12 mini

According to the report, 5G capability in a smaller smartphone for faster download and upload speed is what will attract consumers to the new mini iPhone.

Among customers who plan to purchase a smartphone in the next 6 months, at least 45% across all markets intend to buy 5G; the highest being in China at 89% followed by the US at 69%. Commercially, the benefits of 5G is being marketed as delivering high speeds and uninterrupted connectivity to support activities such as gaming, streaming video on demand and video calling.

iPhone 12 mini

The smallest iPhone 12 mini will be available for pre-order on Apple’s online store on November 6 and in stores on November 13.

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