Tim Cook reveals iPhone 12 is the most popular model during Q2 2021 earnings call

Apple reported record revenue for its March quarter, with up to 54% Y-o-Y growth, it earned $89.6 billion. And out of that iPhone sales accounted for $47,938 million with 66% growth for the same quarter last year. At Q2, 2021 earnings call, Apple CEO, Tim Cook accredits the smartphone’s strong performance to the “strong popularity of the iPhone 12 family.” He added that the latest iPhone series is popular with upgraders and new customers because of its “unmatched 5G capability, the best camera system ever in an iPhone, and advanced durability from Ceramic Shield.”

iPhone 12

Tim Cook says iPhone 12 is the most popular model

While answering analysts’ queries at the earnings call, Tim Cook revealed that the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is the most popular model but Pro models have a very strong demand.

I wanted to go back to iPhone. As we think about the iPhone 12 cycle, appreciating that you guys don’t give actual shipment numbers, it would appear though that the mix has been quite healthy.

So I’m wondering if you could give us any context of what in this cycle you’re seeing in terms of the mix relative to past cycles? Is that mix sustainable? I’m just trying to understand kind of the mix of — within the iPhones and how that’s driving, I guess, particularly gross margin. And I have a follow-up.

Aaron, let me give you a little color on that. The iPhone 12 of the — the iPhone 12 family are or more broadly affect all iPhones, the iPhone 12 is the most popular. But we did see very strong sales of the Pro portion of the family as well, the Pro plus the Pro Max. And so, the revenue that you’re seeing is a function of unit growth and revenue — revenue per unit growth.

iPhone 12 5G

At the earnings call, Apple Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri reported that in the United States, the latest survey of consumers from 451 Research revealed 99% customer satisfaction for the iPhone 12 family. He also quoted Delta Airlines’ upgrade of the fleet in devices to iPhone 12 to improve its customer service and operational experience using the smartphone’s 5G and AR capabilities.

Openreach in the UK has started equipping tens of thousands of field engineers with iPhone 12 to speed up their deployment of broadband services to homes around the country. And UCHealth, a large healthcare provider in Colorado, was able to reduce per patient vaccination time from three minutes to only 30 seconds largely by moving from PC stations to iPhones. This has allowed their staff to rapidly scan and register new patients and vastly increase their daily vaccination capacity.

Read the complete transcript of the earnings call of 2021 second quarter here.

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