iPhone 12 Pro details leak: Camera, Face ID and Battery Improvements

iPhone 12 is a hot topic for speculations and leaks ahead of its launch. The latest iPhone 12 Pro rumors detail new and improved cameras, display and bigger battery. In a video, @EveryApplePro compiled exclusive inside information from @MaxWinebach and @jonprosser on upcoming features in Apple’s flagship smartphone. Tech analyst, Prosser and Weinbach, XDA host and writer, both hold some weight in the tech industry for accurate leaks.

iPhone 12 Pro

Based on latest CAD models of 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro variants and intel from sources, the video details design, hardware and software improvements in the high-end models.

iPhone 12 Pro Features

Camera – Better Photos in Low Light

The speculated changes in the upcoming flagship Pro models will be auto focus and improved low light performance. Continuing with the same 12 megapixel camera like the current iPhone 11 Pro, the new iPhone 12 Pro would have 2 to 3 times improved auto focus and improved subject detection technology in low light scenarios. Apple is also said to be working on electronic image stabilization for photos in low light to avoid capturing overlapping images. In addition, the video states that all four variants of the new flagship smartphone will have next generation Smart HDR to capture great photos every time. Improvements to Smart HDR will focus on better noise reduction for low light photography.

iPhone 12 Pro back

With software support, larger pixels and improved sensors, the tech giant will also improve slow motion video capture in low light. Improved long exposure and white balance, particularly on faces, will also result in better photos.

Apple will also be improving the telephoto lens’ optical zoom by 3x. Supported by a powerful A14 Bionic chip, Apple is also working on 30x digital zoom. The digital zoom has satisfactory results in testing phase and is likely to be included in the smartphone when it launches this fall.

The ultra-wide lens will stay the same all four variants of the new iPhone 12. It will not receive any new improvements, which might come as a disappointment to those looking for improvements in the ultra-wide lens.

iPhone 12 Pro

The LiDAR sensor, first introduced in iPad Pro 2020, will be used to capture accurate portrait mode photos and even record portrait videos. However, portrait videos might not make the cut because of unsatisfactory performance and results so far during testing.

Lens Placement

Reiterating the outer square’s 5mm larger camera lens design, the report expressed uncertainty over the placement and visibility of rims on individual lens inside the frame. Presumably, the all black LiDAR sensor might be at the bottom right or at the top left, and to compliment it, all the other lens might have a tinted black look.

iPhone 12 Pro Lens

Display- 120Hz Refresh Rate ProMotion

The big upgrade to high-end variants, 6.1-inch Pro and 6.7-inch Pro Max models, is the new OLED 120Hz ProMotion Display. With adaptive refresh rate switching, Apple will likely provide 120Hz refresh rate without compromising on resolution. The current iPad Pro series runs 120Hz refresh rate flawlessly, so we expect Apple to deliver the same on the new iPhone. The video says that Apple engineers skipped 90Hz to directly go for 120Hz displays. However, we find this difficult to believe that they would have considered 90Hz at all, as iPad Pro got 120Hz refresh rate instead of anything else in between.

The ProMotion Display technology smartly switches refresh rates from 24Hz, 60Hz, and 120Hz based on the content including videos, games, websites and others. For simpler tasks like viewing website or reading articles, the refresh rate automatically reduces to consume less power and save battery.

The 5.4-inch and 6.1inch models would still have 60Hz displays.

iPhone 12 Pro

Bigger Battery

To support higher refresh rate and other features like 5G networking, the new iPhone 12 Pro models would have bigger batteries with boosted milliamp capacity, up to 4400mAh, which is more than current 11 Pro models. It is also speculated that Apple has divided the logic board is two parts with an attached ribbon, maybe, to divide the control centers within the device and to accommodate the larger battery.

iPhone 12 Pro

Improved Face ID

The new smaller notch will be packed with versatile Face ID components and new capabilities, according to the leak. Face ID authentication will work at wider angles and Apple will further improve functionality with a new dynamic zoning algorithm to allow cropping into certain facial features for more efficient detection.

Discovery of a new Face ID orientation patent by AppleInsider corroborates the claims of improved Face ID technology. Apple filed a patent titled “Using Face Detection to Update User Interface Orientation” for the use of FaceID camera to assess the user’s viewing angle and automatically adjust display rotation on iPhone and iPad. However, there is no confirmation of Face ID working in landscape mode in the report.

Color, Design and Other Features

As previously reported, this leak confidently re-confirms navy blue color for Pro models as a replacement for midnight green. With flat edges and more durable and less protruding glass for protection, the expensive iPhone 12 models are said to be stronger than current high-end iPhone 11 models. The Pro variants would also have matte touch frosted back because to reduce finger prints visibility.

iPhone 12 Pro

Confirming that there will be no smart connector on any iPhone 12 Pro variant, the video states that Apple has improved microphones with Audio Zoom and more precise beam formation.

The report concludes that the new iPhone 12 Pro’s production is near completion, with all other components finalized except the camera.

Check out the complete video below:

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