iPhone 14 Action Mode vs. Galaxy Super Steady: Which records more stable videos?

TikTok popularized videos on social media platforms. The increase in content creators and businesses’ focus on videos even made the top photo-sharing app, Instagram, adopt a video format called Reels. As videos include moving the camera and subjects, users must have steady hands and a stable camera to record smooth videos without much shakiness.

Apple and Samsung, the two leading smartphone manufacturers, offer camera stabilization modes in their smartphones series: iPhone 14 Action mode and Galaxy Super Steady because the content for social media is mostly created on mobile. 

iPhone 14 Action mode

Is iPhone 14 Pro Max Action Mode better than Galaxy S23 Ultra Super Steady?

In the 2022 iPhone 14 series, Apple introduced the Action mode to capture “incredibly smooth-looking” video even in the middle of an action by adjusting to motion, vibrations, and shakes. 

But Samsung’s Super Steady mode launched in Galaxy S10 in 2020, two years before iPhone 14 Action mode. Over the years, Samsung has perfected the tech. 

In this article, we compare Apple’s and Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, iPhone 14 Pro Max Action, and Galaxy S23 Ultra Super Steady mode.

Video stability in 0.5x and 1x zoom 

@TheFonoGuy recorded videos in stabilization mode on both phones to test it quality in 0.5x and 1x zoom. It appears the Galaxy S23 Ultra performed better at 0.6x zoom at QHD 60fps than iPhone 14 Pro Max 0.5x zoom at 2.8k 60fps but iPhone 14 Pro Max Action mode did better at 1x with more details and stabilization than Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Video stability when recorded via front and rear camera

@System Hacks tested the video quality of footage recorded in 4K 30fps via the front and rear cameras of iPhone 14 Pro Max in Action mode and Galaxy S23 Ultra in Super Steady mode. 

  • Selfie camera: Very slight difference in stability but iPhone 14 Pro Max recorded less shaky video with better resolution. 
  • Rear camera: Through the main camera too, iPhone 14 Pro Max recorded slightly more shaky video but with better resolution and more details. 

Video stability during super shakes

@Matthews Tech tested iPhone 14 Pro Max Action Mode vs. Galaxy S23 Ultra Super Steady at 1080p 60fps. Although iPhone 14 Pro Max video was shaker than Galaxy S23 Ultra, it had a very natural feel while trees and ground in the Galaxy S23 Ultra video appeared to be glitching, not shaking. 

Video stability in Ultrawide

@SuperSaf Shorts recorded videos on iPhone 14 Pro Max Action Mode and Galaxy S23 Ultra Super Steady in Ultrawide. It appeared the iPhone 14 Pro Max recorded much more stable video in Ultrawide than Galaxy S23 Ultra.

As all of the above tests left it to the viewers to decide which smartphone recorded more stable videos, we also headed to Reddit to know what is users’ verdict, is iPhone 14 Pro Max Action Mode better than Galaxy S23 Ultra Super Steady?

@Only_Cauliflower_190 created a poll seeking advice on whether to buy Galaxy S23 Ultra or not. The majority of the responders sided with Action mode, sorry Super Steady.

Simon_787 wrote, “Action Mode is definitely better. Tbh I never really used this mode, ever. But I would still avoid the S22 over the mediocre chipset (S23 should be better).” It got 6 up votes.
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