New ‘Shot on iPhone 14 Pro’ ad touts Action mode’s perfectly stable videos

iPhone 14 series features a new videography feature Action mode to record smooth and stable footage that adjusts shakes, motion, and vibrations.

Apple’s extreme camera operators Ryan, Marcus, and John tested the Action mode’s stabilization on iPhone 14 Pro in a new ad “Testing Action mode” for its ‘Shot on iPhone 14 Pro’ social media series.

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro - Action mode

Action mode on iPhone 14 Pro records “perfectly smooth” videos even during the most aggressively shaky actions

In the new video, extreme camera operators recorded videos in Action mode on iPhone 14 Pro to test its stabilization during four different actions.

  • The camera handoff during a skateboard run down the hill was practically unnoticeable, it was that smooth.
  • An aerial tracking shot capturing a basketball dunk from a trampoline jump made it look like the subject was floating.
  • 360 rotation shot to record a street performer while running aggressively was “perfectly smooth”, it made it look like the cameramen used a gimbal.
  • A rolling shot of a subject riding a bicycle recorded from a rolling truck wheel was “so sick”.

All the test shots came out with smooth stabilization. Extreme camera operator Ryan said:

“The secret is the camera’s so good that you don’t even have to look at the screen. You just run by and shoot and it just looks good no matter what.”

All four models of the iPhone 14 series feature Action mode and are equipped with sensor-shift optical image stabilization. Thus, the new Action mode is like an additional improvement to stabilization on the new lineup to make videos “incredibly smooth-looking” when recorded in the middle of the action.

Previously, reviewers at CNET put the feature to the test and found that for non-professional users, “Action mode on the iPhone 14 lineup stabilizes the footage and could replace the need for an action camera.”

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