Apple to release a fix for iPhone 14 Pro camera shake issue with TikTok, Snapchat, and other apps

iPhone 14 Pro camera is facing problems with third-party photos and recording apps. As per affected owners, experiences shared on social media, the new iPhone 14 Pro camera shakes or vibrates on TikTok, Snapchat, and other third-party apps. In addition, a loud rattling sound is heard coming from the rear camera modules.

iPhone 14 Pro camera system features a 48MP Main camera with a quad-pixel sensor, up to 3x on the Ultra Wide camera, up to 2x on the Telephoto camera, and up to 2x on the TrueDepth camera. The new quad-pixel sensor features second-generation sensor-shift optical image stabilization (OIS) which might be the problem.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro camera shake issue only experienced in third-party apps, not the native camera app

Currently, a few owners of the new iPhone 14 Pro models have reported that camera issue so this means it is not a widespread problem. Secondly, the iPhone 14 Pro camera only shakes and produces rattling noises in the third-party apps and not with the iOS native camera app which has given rise to the speculation that it might be a software issue. Reddit users wrote:

So I’ve been experiencing my camera shaking uncontrollably whenever I open Snapchat or use the camera for Instagram. However, I don’t run into any issues when I use the regular camera app? Is this hardware or an issue with 3rd party apps?@u/Bootaymole

Noticed the same issue on my 14 Pro just with instagram and Snapchat so sounds like Software thing to me. @benbentastic

iPhone 14 Pro camera

Bootaymole who started the Reddit thread on the issue went on to report that Apple said if it was an issue with 3rd party apps, then it was not a hardware issue. The user reset the phone to factory settings and that temporarily resolved the problem. But, if the problem appears again, the user will be getting a replacement.

Yea the native camera app and FaceTime are perfectly fine. I just experience it with Snapchat (sometimes) because I don’t take pics/videos that much on instagram, but closing and reopening it fixes it. I came to the conclusion that it’s a software issue with the 3rd party apps. I also asked Apple if a replacement is necessary, and they said if it’s an issue with a 3rd party app, it’s not hardware and there’s no need for a replacement.

However, the developer of the popular iOS camera app, Halide believes that the defective OIS in the new iPhone 14 Pro camera is causing the issue.

When asked why the problem does not appear in the native Camera app, the company replied:

Yes, though it might get ‘parked’ there until not used. Camera could be more conservative (and defaults to Photo mode) so it could seem like only Instagram, Snapchat etc. trigger it, which are apps that go into video mode and trigger the OIS immediately.

We will know the cause of the problem for sure when Apple addresses it or releases a fix. Earlier, iPhone 14 Pro models’ owners also reported a bug that causes the smartphones to freeze after data transfers from an older iPhone.

Update: Apple has found a fix for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shake issue, and will release a software update next week. This confirms that the issue was software only and not a hardware defect with the new smartphones.

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