iPhone 14 Pro camera app launching slow for many users

Many users have been reporting that the iPhone 14 Pro camera app launches slowly for them. For some users, the app can take up to five seconds to launch, which is forcing them to share the issue on online forums.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

iPhone 14 Pro camera issue

While this is not the first issue related to the iPhone 14 Pro camera that has been reported, it is the first issue reported with Apple’s camera app itself. As reported on MacRumors, users have been finding that the camera app works instantly after a restart, however, when in subsequent launches, it can take up to four or five seconds to turn on. This issue only impacts the camera app, while other apps that use the camera open instantly.

The issue impacts both iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, no matter which photo mode is selected. MacRumors ran some testing and shared that the issue only happens when the camera app has been opened once and closed, and goes away if it is manually closed from the app switcher. The issue also happens randomly, and the camera app does not always open slowly, even if it is in the background.

The issue is happening with iOS 16 as well as iOS 16.0.1 for users, however, it is unclear whether iOS 16.1 beta has any impact on this or contains a fix. Some users have tried factory resetting their iPhone 14 Pro, but it did not fix the issue.

It is clear that this is a memory management issue, as the issue only happens when the app is in the background. This has also been tested and verified by another MacRumors forums member.

Another camera issue was recently reported which impacts third-party apps when they try to capture video. The stabilization does not work properly, and video capture causes the camera unit to vibrate and produce rattling noises, resulting in very shaky video output. This issue does not impact the iOS camera app, but only third-party apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

It is unlikely that Apple will wait for iOS 16.1 to fix these issues, which will release next month. These are critical issues, and for a smartphone marketed around its major new camera features, it must be the number one priority of the company to look into.

We will update this post if Apple shares any updates regarding this issue.

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