GPS functionality breaks in iOS 16.1 beta on iPhone 14 Pro

iOS 16.1 beta seems to be breaking GPS functionality on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, as per reports by various users. iPhone 14 Pro models feature dual-frequency GPS, which provides more accuracy than the GPS functionality available on iPhone 14 and older models.

This bug means that users are unable to get a GPS lock in apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps. This issue does not impact iOS 16.0.1 or other iPhone models, but only impacts specifically iOS 16.1 beta on iPhone 14 Pro models.

iPhone 14 Pro GPS iOS 16.1 beta

GPS issues on iPhone 14 Pro using iOS 16.1 beta

As reported on MacRumors, the issue has been affecting all users who upgraded to the new beta build on their iPhone 14 Pro. This is specifically troubling for users who use GPS for professional purposes. Even casual users who use it for navigation are not happy with the bug.

So far, the only fix is to downgrade from iOS 16.1 beta to iOS 16.0.1. This should fix the GPS functionality for users. 

iOS 16.1 beta is currently being tested with developers and public beta testers. Beta builds usually contains bugs that can break features, so Apple will likely be aware of this and will fix it in the next beta update.

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