iOS 16 proving to be an exciting update for users, adoption rate faster than iOS 15

Appleā€™s new software update for iPhone, iOS 16, was recently released to all users. The update also includes a redesigned Lock Screen experience, new capabilities in Mail, WalletMessagesenhanced intelligence with updates to Live Text and Dictation, and more.

According to new data, iPhone users are more interested in installing iOS 16 on their devices than iOS 15 when it launched last year.

iOS 16

Since its launch, iOS 16 has been installed on 10.45% of iPhones

Data gathered by Mixpanel shows that iPhone users were quicker to install iOS 16 than iOS 15. However, the download rate of iOS 14 is still unbeaten by the most recent software updates.

The analysis shows that after 24 hours of availability, iOS 16 has been downloaded by 6.71% of users, compared to iOS 15 being downloaded by 6.48% during the first day. Both updates trail iOS 14, which was downloaded by 9.22% of users on its first day of availability.

If we compare three days after their original releases, iOS 16 currently has 10.45% of adoption, iOS 15 had 9.68%, and iOS 14, 14.68%.

Mixpanel gains its data from over three trillion records from website access or app usage since the Cupertino tech giant does not release adoption figures for its software update.

iOS 16 - lock screen

iOS 14 was a major update for iPhone users as it allowed them to personalize their Home Screens for the first time. Updated user interfaces, privacy updates, Clips Apps, and other features made the update much more exciting.

Last year’s iOS 15 came with a ton of new features and improvements for FaceTime, Messages, Maps, Notifications, Weather, Wallet, Safari, Health, and more. Highlights from the update include Focus mode, Live Text, SharePlay, and redesigned notifications. However, users just felt that the update was lackluster.

This brings us to iOS 16. The update brings something similar to the table as iOS 14 with the element of Lock screen personalization. Users can select different wallpapers for different times of the day, according to different Focuses, etc, and they can easily switch between them. Fonts on the Lock screen can also be customized and Apple has introduced Lock screen widgets for the first time, making the update more attractive to a ton of users.

If you haven’t installed iOS 16 on your iPhone as of yet, learn how to do it here.

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