Here are the apps that support iOS 16 lock screen widgets

With iOS 16, Apple is expanding upon the widgets it introduced in iOS 14 with new Lock screen widgets. Users can now add up to five separate widgets on their Lock screen, allowing them to quickly view important information without having to open their device.

You can already use the Lock screen widgets of Apple native iOS apps but for added customization and flexibility, check out our list of third-party apps that have been updated to support iOS 16 Lock screen widgets. You will find an app for everything on this list, widgets for the weather, to check a flight, to look at directions, and more. And the best part? These third-party widgets can be modified to fit your particular needs.

iOS 16

Some of the best third-party apps with iOS 16 Lock screen widgets support


ScreenKit has been updated with 100 new Lock screen widgets that can be customized in up to 10 ways. The widgets include Time, Date, Emoticons, Music, Steps, Moon Phase, Bedtime clock, Medication shortcut, Room temperature, and more.

ScreenKit - iOs 16 Lock Screen widgets

Download ScreenKit from the App Store here.


TickTick, a to-do and task management app, now offers 7 Lock screen widgets that can showcase information at a glance such as Today Tasks, Focus Distribution, and Today Habit.

Download TickTick from the App Store here.


The popular live flight tracking app, Flighty, has also been updated to offer iOS 16 Lock screen widgets. These widgets can help users look at important flight information without having to open their iPhones. The widgets include Live Flight Status, Trip Countdown, and In-Flight Progress Bar.

flighty app - iOS 16

Download Flighty from the App Store here.


Widgetsmith has been updated with “infinite” ways for users to create custom Lock screen widgets for iOS 16. Lock screen widgets are offered in three sizes: linear text, circular and rectangular. from there, users can change everything from the font, color, text, icon, design, and more.

Widgetsmith iOS 16

Download Widgetsmith from the App Store here.


Facebook of iOS now offers Lock screen widgets that provide you with top updates from your friend list. There is also a widget to remind you if any of your friends have a birthday.

Download Facebook from the App Store here.

Google Apps

Google updated all of its popular iOS apps like Gmail, Maps, and Chrome to include support for iOS 16 Lock screen widgets.

Google iOS 16 widgets

  • Search widget can be configured to initiate a search with voice or camera.
  • Maps Frequent Trips widget will offer traffic updates and estimated travel times in real-time. Users will able be able to find shops, restaurants, or other spots through the new widget.
  • Gmail’s Lock Screen widget will display the latest emails and update the number of new messages in the inbox automatically. It can also be customized to show inbox categories like updates or social.
  • Google News widget will show headlines in real-time. To read an interesting article, users will have to tap on it.
  • Four new Chrome widgets will allow users to launch the Chrome browser, start searching with voice, open the browser in incognito mode or play the dino game with a single tap.
  • Drive widgets include suggest Drive files or starred files and folders.

You can download Google’s apps from the App Store here.

ActivityTracker Pedometer

ActivityTracker Pedometer, a popular activity tracker that can work without a fitness gadget was recently updated for Lock screen widgets support. The widgets show you your activity progress with graphs for hours and days. You can also track steps, calories, distance, active time, and floors climbed straight from the Lock screen.


You can download ActivityTracker Pedometer from the App Store here.


Snapchat has also released widgets for the iOS 16 Lock screen allowing users to quickly access a conversation with their best friend while also displaying their current streak with them. There is also a widget that allows users to quickly jump into the app to take a snap.

Snapchat widgets

Download Snapchat from the App Store here

Gentler Streak

Gentler Streak is an exercise and fitness tracking app. The app responds to a user’s readiness and suggests daily workout actions that keep them within healthy activity levels. Gentler Streak now offers three Lock screen widgets that showcase your workout metrics.

Download Gentler Streak from the App Store here

CARROT Weather

Weather app CARROT now offers 20 new Lock screen widgets for iOS 16. These widgets allow users to quickly view weather-related information like temperature, precipitation, humidity, hourly weather forecast, weekly weather forecast, and more.

Carrot Weather app

Download CARROT Weather from the App Store here.


The popular and intuitive water intake tracking app, WaterMinder, has also been updated with iOS 16 support, allowing you to quickly view your water intake for the day from the Lock screen.

Download WaterMinder from the App Store here.

Apollo for Reddit

Apollo for Reddit now offers a bunch of Lock screen widgets that can take you to trending posts, alert you if you have unread messages, an option to quickly open your favorite subreddit, and much more. There is also a karma widget and a distance scrolled widget.

Apollo for Reddit

Download Apollo for Reddit from the App Store here.

If you have not done so already, learn how to update your compatible device to iOS 16 here.

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