Here’s why the Depth Effect option for your Lock screen wallpaper is greyed out in iOS 16

Apple’s latest software update for iPhone, iOS 16, is finally here and it adds a bunch of new features to the Lock screen. If you have the update installed, it is likely that you tested out the new Lock screen widgets, Focus options, etc. However, the Depth Effect option might have been greyed out for you. Here’s why.

iOS 16 Lock screen Depth Effect

The Depth Effect option for wallpapers on iOS 16 does not work when you are using Lock screen widgets

Like a lot of other iPhone users, I do not own one of Apple’s Pro models. This is why when the Depth Effect did not work on my Lock screen wallpaper, I assumed that it was compatible with specific models. However, one trip to Reddit confirmed that many other users were facing the same issue.

I, like other users, tried all sorts of fixes: only using portrait photos, zooming in and out to adjust the image, etc. But, nothing worked. Now, it is being reported that the Depth Effect does not work when you are using Lock screen widgets.

iOS 16

The fact that most users were unaware of this stipulation and thought there was a bug that was affecting the way their device worked is clear that Apple should have clearly specified how the Depth Effect works. Furthermore, it’s frustrating that users have to one or the other. To use the Depth Effect, they have to sacrifice Lock screen widgets and vice versa.

So, there is no fix for the issue, only an explanation. Hopefully, in the future, users will be able to enjoy the Depth Effect in conjunction with Lock screen widgets.

If you haven’t done so already, learn how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone here.

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