iPhone 14 reviews roundup: refreshing “entry” point but looks similar to iPhone 13

Powered by an A15 Bionic chip with a 5-core GPU of iPhone 13 Pro, the new iPhone 14 has an upgraded processor, 12MP camera system, larger battery, and advanced capabilities like Action Mode, Crash Detection, and Emergency SOS via Satellite than its predecessor 6.1-inch iPhone 13.

The embargo on the new 6.1-inch standard model has lifted and we have iPhone 14 reviews ahead of its launch on September 16.

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Here is the roundup of first impressions of the iPhone 14 – great camera improvements but feels like an iPhone 13s

TechCrunch concludes that the new 6.1-inch base model is an “enticing entry” to the latest iPhone series with Pro features like Photonic Engine for sharper pictures in low-light conditions, Action Mode to capture more stable videos, Cinematic mode in 4K, and others.

For the second year in a row, Apple delivers a really enticing ‘entry’ point to the new lineup. Though I have a personal predilection for telephoto focal lengths that would never allow me to settle into the ‘wide and ultra-wide only’ lifestyle – I have to admit there is a strong appeal.

The iPhone 14 is pleasant to use, friendly to look at and extremely capable. 

CNBC seems unimpressed by the changes in the new standard model because it does not feel like an upgrade from iPhone 13. The reviewer’s weight is towards iPhone 14 Pro models which feature more innovative changes like Dynamic Island, Always-On display, and others.

I wouldn’t upgrade from the iPhone 13 to the regular iPhone 14 since there aren’t a ton of big changes, outside of crash detection, improved cameras and satellite SOS. You won’t notice a big difference. Still, the iPhone 14 Plus might be a compelling option if you want a bigger display without shelling out for the Pro Max. Just know it doesn’t have Apple’s two most innovative new features: Dynamic Island and the always-on display.

The Verge calls the new iPhone 14, an iPhone 13s because it is a slight upgrade from the last year’s iPhone 13. The reviewer accepts that the new iPhone 14 is a highly capable smartphone that can smoothly handle day-to-day tasks and graphic intensive gaming, takes “very good photos” and records the best video clips. But iPhone 13 did so as well.

Except for a better selfie camera, larger battery, and new crash detection and satellite SOS via satellite, there are no other compelling features in the iPhone 14 to go for an upgrade from iPhone 13. An upgrade from older models like iPhone 11 or older will make more sense.

Most people should consider other options, but there is an argument for the iPhone 14 if you meet a narrow set of criteria: you’re on an iPhone 12 or older, you really want the satellite SOS feature, you prefer a 6.1-inch screen size (it is, after all, the right one), you want the best camera quality at this price point, you just need a new phone right now, and your carrier is offering a sweet trade-in deal. For this particular set of circumstances, the iPhone 14 will suit you just fine. Otherwise, it’s well worth taking a look at your other options.

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