AirDrop not functioning properly on some iPhone 14 models

A small number of iPhone 14 owners have been experiencing issues with AirDrop not functioning properly. When trying to send a file from the iPhone 14, the transfer is unable to be completed.

iPhone AirDrop

Apple to soon fix AirDrop issue affecting iPhone 14 owners

The issue is specifically causing a “Waiting” message to show up on the iPhone that is sending a file. As for the receiver, they are not shown a message to accept the AirDrop transfer.

As of right now, the issue appears to be exclusive to iPhone 14 models, not iOS 16. This is because the bulk of the reports is coming from iPhone 14 owners. However, it is possible that the issue could be related to the new software update rather than the hardware of the iPhones.

According to users who have contacted Apple Support for a solution, Apple is investigating the issue and it will likely release a fix for it soon. However, if you still want to use AirDrop in the meantime, there is a workaround you can try.

  1. Open Control Center from the top right corner of your iPhone.
  2. Long-press AirDrop.
  3. Tap on Everyone.

Note that you cannot share passwords with this workaround since that requires the sender and the receiver to be saved as a contact in both iPhones.

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