iPhone 14 Pro Max clones surface in China featuring same design, pill shaped notch and more

Just a few days ahead of launch, iPhone 14 Pro Max clones have surfaced in China. Based on the rumors and leaks, the iPhone 14 Pro Max clone features the punch hole+pill shaped notch, a larger rear-camera module, flat edge-to-edge design, iOS UI, and more.

It is not uncommon for local manufacturers to copy a premium brand and offer cheaper alternatives. Like the Apple Watch clones in India by Noise, Fire-Boltt, and Helix. However, the discovered iPhone 14 clones in China are sold under Apple’s branding which might lead to legal action.

iPhone 14 Pro Max - clone

iPhone 14 Pro Max clones are sold with Apple’s logo, iOS interface, and more

A Chinese YouTuber @Amazing Unboxing shared two iPhone 14 Pro Max clones in his latest video which were bought from the local market. The clone came in the iPhone 13 Pro Max box; a thin black box, with packing stickers and information.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max clone had the same white protective cover on the screen and came with a charging cable and instruction manual and stickers. The UI of the clone is the same as iOS with widgets and apps on the Home Screen, search interface, and other features.

iPhone 14 Pro Max - clone

On the back, the smartphone has Apple’s logo. Although the rear camera module is larger, the lenses give the clone away. The lenses have a larger white part which is not the same as iPhone 12 Pro or later Pro model. The camera quality is oka-ish but does not focus and zoom in or out.

iPhone 14 Pro Max - clone

iPhone 14 Pro Max - clone

However, it appears that the clone smartphone does not have FaceID, and the Youtuber did not test the selfie camera. Maybe the notch is decorative and not functional. He did not share the price of the clone but in the description, he mentions that clones for the entire iPhone 14 series are available.

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