Here’s how the privacy indicators are going on to look like on the iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped cutout

While it was previously believed that the iPhone 14 Pro would feature a new hole punch and pill-shaped cutout, some recent rumors suggest that the cutout is going to appear as a single pill on the display. A new leak shows us how Apple’s privacy indicators for the camera and microphone are going to look on the new display.

Privacy indicators were first introduced in iOS 14. They display green or orange dots in the status bar when apps access the camera or microphone. The green dot is for the camera, while the orange dot is for microphone access. These dots are shown even when Apple’s own apps are used to access these features.

iPhone 13 Pro

Camera and microphone privacy indicators on the iPhone 14 Pro cutout are going to be brighter

According to a post on MacRumors’ forums, a user learned from his friend – an Apple engineer – that the new display cutout will be in an “elongated pill shape.”

In between the camera and sensor housing the display will show notification dots (similar to Mac’s LED camera status indicator) for things like active microphone (orange), active camera (green), etc.

The anonymous account told MacRumors that the privacy indicators are going to be much brighter than the rest of the display so that they can easily be spotted, especially when the device is being used outside in the sunlight.

The indicator dots are described as “much brighter than the rest of the display,” something that will be noticeable specifically in bright situations. The source describes the indicators as being “some sort of HDR content” to make them easy to see even when it’s sunny outside and the display is at maximum brightness.

iPhone 14 privacy indicators

In addition, the source revealed that the indicators will appear slightly to the right in the cutout, between the components that will be used for Face ID. When the privacy indicators are not active, they will be black, making the pill-shaped cutout much more cohesive, even with all the elements it will store.

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 14 lineup is expected to be unveiled on September 7 at its special fall event “Far Out.” Along with the new cutout for the display, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are expected to get the A16 chip, a new 48MP rear camera, an always-on display, and much more.

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