New iPhone 15 battery Cycle Count shows how many times it has been charged

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models will finally offer a convenient way to check your device’s battery cycle count. This development comes as a relief to many, as previous methods for accessing this critical information were either unofficial or too complicated for the average user.

iPhone 15 battery cycle

iPhone 15 gives users more control over battery health management

Until now, iPhone users had to resort to third-party apps or intricate processes, such as copying and pasting analytics into Notes and searching for cryptic terms like “last_value_CycleCount.” Fortunately, the iPhone 15 lineup exclusively offers a user-friendly approach that is both simple and transparent. 

A screenshot posted by @Tech_Reve reveals that the battery cycle information can be found by navigating to Settings > General > About.

A brand-new Battery section resides at the bottom of this page, providing users with not only the number of battery cycles but also details about the battery’s production date and the date of its first use.

cycle count

While many iPhone users are already familiar with the “Maximum Capacity” metric, which provides an overview of their battery health, the ability to see the specific number of cycles adds a valuable layer of information. But what exactly is a battery cycle, and why is it important?

A battery cycle is recorded every time you use up 100% of your battery’s capacity, even if it’s not all in one go. For example, if you use 75% of your battery’s capacity one day and recharge it fully overnight, and then use 25% the next day, you’ll have completed one full charge cycle. It may take several days to complete a cycle, depending on your usage patterns. It’s important to note that the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, like those in iPhones, gradually diminishes with each completed charge cycle.

According to Apple, a typical battery is engineered to maintain approximately 80% of its initial capacity after undergoing 500 full charge cycles while functioning under standard conditions.

This new feature provides iPhone users with a more accurate and insightful way to gauge their device’s battery health. By knowing the number of cycles your battery has gone through, you can make more informed decisions about when it might be time to replace it or take steps to extend its lifespan.

In addition to the battery cycle count feature, it was recently revealed that all iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models will include a new battery health setting. When enabled, this setting limits the device’s charging capacity to 80%. This change aligns with Apple’s commitment to sustainability and battery longevity.

Note that despite this adjustment, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 15 models will maintain the same battery life as their iPhone 14 predecessors.

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