This new iPhone 15 will not be compatible with last year’s iPhone 14 cases

Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone 15 lineup has been a topic of conversation in tech circles for several months. With rumors and leaks suggesting various changes to the design and functionality of the device, enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for its release later this year.

One way to preview what to expect is through visualizations. The iPhone 15 lineup has already been imagined in several ways, including high-quality renders based on leaked CAD files. Recently, Macotakara has gained access to 3D-printed iPhone 15 dummy units, offering yet another perspective on the upcoming design changes.

iPhone 15

New 3D-printed iPhone 15 dummy units reveal design changes for 2023 release

According to the Japanese blog, the iPhone 15 dummy units reveal a few notable design updates. One such update is the smaller bezels, allowing for more screen space. The curved edges give the device a more rounded look, while the larger camera bumps suggest improvements to the camera system. Another feature is the Dynamic Island, which was previously exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models but is expected to come to all four iPhone 15 models this year.

As previously highlighted, the iPhone 15 lineup’s updated dimensions will render iPhone 14 cases incompatible. Macotakara has conducted further tests using the 3D-printed dummy units and has confirmed that iPhone 14 cases will not work with the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Trinity’s iPhone 14 / iPhone 13 hybrid case ” TR-IP22M2-TT-CL ” was attached to the 3D mock-up iPhone 15.

It seems that the size around the rear camera has not changed, and it will not be misaligned.

However, since the height of the housing size is 1 mm longer, the case is distorted and cannot be used.

iPhone 15

However, the report suggests that iPhone 14 Plus cases may work with the iPhone 15 Plus.

Trinity’s iPhone 14 Plus hybrid case ” TR-IP22L2-TT-CL ” was attached to the 3D mock-up iPhone 15 Plus.

It seems that the size around the rear camera has not changed, and it will not be misaligned.

Since the housing size is the same, it feels like it can be used in common with the iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone 15 Plus

It is worth noting that these dummy units are not the final product and may differ from the actual iPhone 15 lineup. However, they offer an additional way to visualize some of the design changes coming to the iPhone 15 lineup later this year.

While details on the iPhone 15’s release date and pricing remain unknown, the buzz surrounding the device is expected to continue to grow in the coming months. With Apple’s reputation for innovation, it’s no surprise that enthusiasts and critics alike are eager to see what the tech giant has in store for its latest iPhone.

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