iPhone 16 Pro rumored to get polished titanium frame – What are the benefits?

As anticipation builds for the iPhone 16 Pro launch, rumors point towards a significant design shift. The brushed titanium finish, a staple of the iPhone 15 Pro, may be replaced with a polished titanium frame, offering a more premium aesthetic.

iPhone 16 Pro colors

Polished titanium to deliver strength, shine, and scratch resistance to iPhone 16 Pro models

With the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, Apple introduced titanium frames with a brushed finish, offering benefits such as being lighter, more fingerprint-resistant, and less prone to visible scratches. However, some users missed the high-gloss look of the previous stainless steel frames.

According to leaks from reputable sources like tipster yeux1122 on platforms like Naver, Apple is set to revamp the design language by adopting a more polished and glossy titanium finish for the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. This change is expected to enhance the look of the devices while maintaining the durability and scratch resistance that titanium offers.

Unlike the 15 Pro models, the iPhone 16 Pro models are said to have a method with improved titanium processing and color processing.

Therefore, there is a possibility that it will be changed to a more polished material.

The shift to a polished titanium finish isn’t just about aesthetics. Reports suggest that the tech giant has invested in improved material processing and color processing techniques to achieve this new look. This could result in a frame that not only looks sleeker but also remains resilient against everyday wear and tear.

Alongside the new finish, Apple is rumored to introduce exciting color options for the iPhone 16 Pro models. Previous leaks hinted at Space Black and Rose variants, adding more diversity to the lineup. These colors, coupled with the polished titanium finish, are expected to give users a wider range of choices to match their style preferences.

Additionally, there are speculations about design changes such as thinner bezels and repositioned cameras to accommodate larger batteries, optimizing the internal architecture for improved performance and battery life.

The introduction of a polished titanium finish opens up a debate among users about their preferred smartphone aesthetics. While some may appreciate the glossy look reminiscent of earlier stainless steel models, others may prefer the understated elegance of brushed titanium.

Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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