iPhone 17 Plus may feature smaller screen than iPhone 15 Plus

There are rumors that the iPhone 17 Plus will have a smaller screen than the current iPhone 15 Plus and the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus. This information comes from display analyst Ross Young, who has a good track record of sharing accurate information about Apple products.

iPhone 16 Pro back glass

This is a surprising turn of events considering the iPhone 15 Plus and the soon-to-be-released iPhone 16 Plus both sport a sizeable 6.7-inch display, matching the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Young claims the iPhone 17 Plus will shrink from this size, but the exact measurement remains a mystery.

He suggests it’ll land “in between” the standard iPhone 17 and the iPhone 17 Pro Max in terms of screen real estate.

iPhone 17 Plus

While it’s still early days (the iPhone 17 isn’t expected until next year), let’s explore some possible reasons behind Apple’s potential shift:

  • Distinct identity for Plus: Currently, the Plus and Pro Max models share screen size, with the Pro Max boasting superior features like a higher-resolution camera. A smaller Plus could create a clearer distinction between the two lines.
  • Catering to smaller phone fans: Not everyone craves a phone that practically replaces a tablet. A more compact Plus model might cater to those who prefer a phone that fits comfortably in their hand and pocket.

Software optimization and performance

Should the iPhone 17 Plus indeed feature a smaller screen, Apple would likely optimize iOS and its native apps to ensure a seamless user experience. This includes fine-tuning the user interface, app layouts, and interactions to maximize usability and comfort on the slightly reduced-screen real estate.

It’s crucial to remember that this is just a rumor. Apple stays characteristically tight-lipped about upcoming products, so plans could very well change between now and the launch. Only time will tell if Apple shrinks the iPhone 17 Plus.

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