iPhone 16 Pro’s rumored ALD coating promises flare-free photography

Apple’s iPhone lineup has always been synonymous with cutting-edge camera technology, and with the impending release of the iPhone 16 Pro, expectations are soaring yet again. Recent leaks and rumors suggest significant enhancements to the camera system, promising to elevate photography and videography to new heights.

iPhone 16 Pro

Camera lens of iPhone 16 Pro models to be coated with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

One of the most intriguing developments revolves around a new anti-reflective optical coating technology. Reports from various sources, including notable leaker yeux1122, indicate that the tech giant is experimenting with Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for the iPhone 16 Pro camera lenses. This revolutionary process allows for the precise application of ultra-thin coatings, effectively reducing lens flare and ghosting.

Lens flare occurs when stray light enters the lens, resulting in unwanted artifacts such as halos or streaks in the final image. Despite the remarkable progress in iPhone cameras, lens flare has persisted as a challenge, particularly in high-contrast scenes. ALD offers a promising solution by minimizing reflections and scattering within the lens elements, thus improving overall image quality.

The potential implications of this innovation are significant. By mitigating lens flare, users can expect sharper, more vibrant photos, even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether capturing landscapes bathed in sunlight or portraits against bright backgrounds, the iPhone 16 Pro promises to deliver exceptional results with minimal distortion.

ALD technology not only addresses lens flare but also tackles ghosting, another common issue in photography. Ghosting occurs when faint secondary images appear in photos, often near bright light sources. With ALD coatings, the iPhone 16 Pro aims to provide clearer, more pristine images, free from distractions.

While the specifics of Apple’s implementation remain unconfirmed, indications suggest that the ALD coating may be exclusive to the iPhone 16 Pro models. Coupled with other rumored camera upgrades, such as a 48MP ultrawide camera and the introduction of the 5x telephoto lens from the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the Pro lineup is expected to redefine mobile photography once again.

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