iPhone 16 Pro Max to offer super telephoto periscope camera

According to a new report, Apple is considering equipping next year’s Phone 16 Pro Max with a super telephoto periscope camera, marking a significant advancement in optical zoom capabilities. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting report.

iPhone 16 Pro camera

12% larger camera sensor coming to next year’s iPhone 16 Pro Max

In a recent report originating from Asia, a prominent Weibo account called “Digital Chat Station” revealed potential groundbreaking camera features of the iPhone 16 Pro Max. The credibility of this information is bolstered by the account’s previous accurate predictions about Apple’s plans. 

A “super” or “ultra” telephoto camera typically refers to a camera with a focal length exceeding 300mm. This extended focal length significantly magnifies distant subjects, making it ideal for sports, wildlife, and nature photography. However, the characteristic feature of such cameras is their ability to create soft backgrounds, making them equally useful for portrait photography, provided there is sufficient distance between the subject and the photographer.

The transition to a periscope telephoto camera system is expected to commence with the release of the iPhone 15 Pro Max later this year. Apple’s plan reportedly involves introducing the telephoto camera to both models in the iPhone 16 Pro lineup, potentially facilitated by increasing the size of the smaller model. By equipping the iPhone 16 Pro Max with a super telephoto periscope camera, Apple aims to maintain clear differentiation between the two “Pro” devices next year.

iPhone 15 Pro

The Weibo user also mentioned a 12% larger camera sensor for the iPhone 16 Pro Max, measuring 1/1.14 inches. This marks an improvement over the 1/1.28-inch sensor found in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Increasing the sensor size can have several benefits, such as improved dynamic range, enhanced background blur, and enhanced low-light photography capabilities. A larger sensor captures more light with the same shutter speed and aperture, resulting in clearer and more detailed images.

Although the Weibo user did not explicitly specify the devices in the iPhone 16 lineup to which these rumors pertain, their previous remarks suggest that the information primarily relates to the iPhone 16 Pro Max. It is important to note that this report is based on information obtained from industry insiders, giving it an added level of credibility.

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