New emojis coming to iOS 17 this Fall

For World Emoji Day on July 17, 2023, Emojipedia has released designs of the new emojis coming to iOS 17 and other platforms this Fall as part of Emoji 15.1. 

In addition to communicating with text, voice, photos, or videos, people use various characters (aka emojis) to express themselves. It is interesting that a small icon like a smiley face, peach, thumbs up, and heart can communicate a person’s emotions, opinions, thoughts, and more transcending all language barriers.

Each year, a collection of new emojis is released by Unicode to offer users a diverse and inclusive library of characters, and symbols worldwide. Waiting for approval by Unicode, here are the possible new emojis launching in the collection for 2023-2024 in September.

 New emojis 2023 - iOS 17

Here are 10 new emojis coming out in late 2024 for iOS 17, along with others

The new characters and symbols created by Emojipedia for the 2023 collection include the following icons:

  1. Head Shaking Horizontally
  2. Head Shaking Vertically
  3. Phoenix Bird
  4. Lime
  5. Brown Mushroom
  6. Broken Chain
  7. Family: Adult, Adult, Child
  8. Family: Adult, Child, Child
  9. Family: Adult, Child
  10. Family: Adult, Adult, Child, Child

To make the new emojis more inclusive, the four family icons are gender-neutral and represented by silhouettes. 

Although each new character is designed by utilizing the previously-existing emojis, their final version might differ from Emojipedia’s design because every platform follows its own design.

While it is the intention of Unicode that these new family emojis will be added to our emoji keyboards in a manner reminiscent of the existing 👤Bust in Silhouette and 👥Busts in Silhouette emojis, it ultimately will come down to each emoji vendor (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc) as to whether or not they follow this design directive. – Emojipedia

Furthermore, the candidate list for the 2023 emoji collection, Emoji 15.1, consists of 108 total new emojis including directional versions of six different types of person emojis with skin and gender variants. Here is how the new directional character may appear on Apple devices.

New emojis 2023 - iOS 17

Previously, Apple introduced 21 new emojis including animals, hand gestures, and objects are now available in emoji keyboards in macOS 13.3 and iOS 16.4

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