Meta updates Threads to v292.0 with translation capabilities, follows tab, and more

Meta’s Threads social network has received its first significant update, bringing a range of new features that aim to improve the functionality of the platform.

With updates such as a follows tab, subscription options, faster activity feed loading times, and translation capabilities, the platform is set to offer users an enhanced social networking experience. Instagram software engineer Cameron Roth recently shared a comprehensive list of these new features, highlighting Meta’s commitment to improving the app’s performance and user engagement.


Meta’s latest social network, Threads, receives major update

Among the key updates introduced to Threads are:

  • Translations: Users now have the option to translate posts that are written in different languages, facilitating seamless communication and interaction across language barriers.
  • Follows Tab: The addition of a follows tab in the activity feed allows users to easily see who is following them, enabling reciprocal follow-backs and fostering deeper connections within the Threads community.
  • Subscription Option: Users can now subscribe to unfollowed users, ensuring they never miss out on updates and content from those they find interesting or inspiring.
  • Improved Activity Feed Loading: Threads now boasts faster loading times for the activity feed, allowing users to swiftly browse through updates and stay up-to-date with the latest content from their network.
  • Enhanced Following and Replies: Users can now view the profiles of those they follow directly from the following and on thread replies page, making it easier to engage and connect with their network.

In addition to the major feature updates, Meta has also focused on improving the overall performance and stability of the Threads app. Software engineer Cameron Roth has reported a significant reduction in crashes, achieving a commendable 0.02% crash rate. Furthermore, the company has made binary size reductions and addressed several minor bugs to enhance the user experience.

Meta’s commitment to improving Threads aligns with the platform’s initial success. With over 100 million downloads in its first week and a substantial user base, Threads has demonstrated promising growth, retention, and engagement. Instagram head Adam Mosseri has expressed satisfaction with the app’s progress, emphasizing the company’s dedication to developing new features, optimizing performance, and refining content ranking.

Instagram - Threads app

Looking ahead, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to focus on strengthening the platform’s fundamentals and enhancing user retention throughout the year. By prioritizing these areas, Meta aims to sustain the positive momentum and continue offering an exceptional social networking experience for Threads users.

While the Threads update is available for download from the App Store, some of the new features are being rolled out gradually on the server side. Users may need to restart the app and be patient as the features become fully accessible to all. Complete availability of the new features is expected by tonight for most users.

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