iPhone 3G S Jailbreak released. Instructions + Download Links.

iPhone 3G S jailbreak The first ever iPhone 3G S Jailbreak application has finally been released by Geohot. It can be downloaded at http://purplera1n.com/. Keep in mind that it wont work in Vista or in Vista 64 bit either. You’ll have to change the compatibility settings to XP.

Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Download the application from http://purplera1n.com/. ( 394 KB app only )
  2. Plug in your iPhone 3GS.
  3. Execute the purplera1n application ( in XP mode if you are using Vista.)
  4. Your iPhone 3G S will now reboot and show the purplera1n picture.
  5. Run Freeze from your springboard, it will download and install Cydia.

If you don’t see Cydia, try rebooting your iPhone and you’ll see it now.

It’s a really simple and easy process. This jailbreak app wont free you from your current carrier and it’s not available for the Mac yet either.

Note: Don’t try this on your iPhone 3G, you might brick it. This guide is only applicable to iPhone 3G S running iPhone OS 3.0 software not iPhone OS 3.1 beta which was recently released to developers.
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