Michael Jackson’s rehearsal video recorded 2 days before death

I’m as moved by Michael Jackson’s death as anyone else. Seeing this rehearsal video posted by CNN really makes me question if he was 100% healthy or not, a few days before his death. The video was recorded on Tuesday, where as he passed away on Thursday. He looks really pale and doesn’t dance much in the video, but that can be attributed to the rehearsal. But his paleness really showed he was already very weak.

The company that was organizing the concerts, AEG have hundred’s of hours of rehearsal footage for documentary purposes. I wonder when the rest of the videos will surface. I would really want to get that documentary just to take a look at his last performances.

I’ve been listening to his songs since days now, but no matter how you look at it, the King of Pop has left us saddened. RIP Michael Jackson.

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