iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre vs. Droid vs. Nexus One – specifications and cost comparison


Nexus One  – to buy or not to buy? Here’s a simple and easy to understand chart by BillShrink that puts AT&T’s iPhone 3GS, Sprint’s Palm Pre, Verizon’s Motorola Droid and T-Mobile’s Nexus One against each other in a feature and total cost of ownership comparison. Over 24 months, Palm Pre and Nexus One cost cheaper than the iPhone and Droid by around $1000 for an unlimited plan. While the minimum plan costs for the Palm Pre and Nexus One are cheaper too.

iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre vs. Droid vs. Nexus One – specifications and cost

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When it comes to features, only the Droid comes close to the battery life of the Nexus One. Palm Pre and iPhone severely lag behind. Apart from the huge number of apps, the iPhone 3GS doesn’t really have an advantage in other features. It doesn’t even have multitasking which all the other phones have now. Hopefully that might change with iPhone OS 4.0 ( fingers crossed ).

For interested buyers in the United States, this chart is a helpful guide in making your decision based on specifications and budget.

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