iPhone 4 unveiled at WWDC 2010 by Apple

Finally, iPhone 4 has officially been unveiled by Apple just a few moments ago at WWDC10. Steve Jobs unveiled iPhone 4 with the line, “stop me if you’ve already seen this”. Talk about being funny¬†out of something that should piss him off. Anyhow, the design is exactly what we’ve been seeing over the past few months.

iPhone 4.jpg

Steve Jobs still has a few surprised up his sleeve such as the new antenna design that is the metallic frame around the iPhone body. It has all the antennas built in on the left and right side of the phone.


It is still aluminum and has a glass display which has Retina display technology. It has a resolution of a stunning 326 pixels/inch. Beat that Android/etc/etc!


So far this is all that has been shown at WWDC. This page will be updated with all the features of the new iPhone 4G as they’re shown. Follow it live here.

Images via gdgt

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