iPhone 4 has 512 RAM, double the amount in iPad. Great for multitasking.

The technical details about the device do not matter to the user as long as it works fine. That’s what Apple does while advertising iPhone. They never talk about the technical details of the iPhone and other iDevices publically and it is good enough as they are satisfying most of their customers. Apple just hides the technical details from their customers and focus on the overall functionalities and aesthetics of the devices.


But developers are more interested in the technical details of the device for which they have to design the apps. So, last week, at Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple confirmed that iPhone 4 has 512 of RAM.

iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G had 128MB RAM and then they doubled the amount in iPhone 3GS which has 256MB RAM. Even the iPad has 256MB RAM and it still works great. With iPhone 4, Apple has doubled the amount of RAM again. This difference of specs between iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G is too much that’s why iOS will not be supported for iPhone 3G (no multitasking and backgrounds, officially) and 2G (no iOS 4 at all).

The iPhone that was shown in some of the leaks had 256 RAM in it, so those leaks were not hundred percent accurate but although the design is almost the same. However, DigiTimes had released a report in May which said that the new iPhone will have 512RAM and 960×640 screen resolution which turned out to be pretty accurate.

Doubling the RAM will surely boost the performance of iPhone 4. And people using iPhone 4 with iOS 4 will experience great multitasking performance, much better that the previous generations of iPhones. Apple has included a lot of compelling new features in iPhone 4 which actually make it an attractive buy instead of just upgrading a current iPhone 3GS to iOS 4. iPhone 4 pre-orders being sold out in the first 24 hours in the U.S. is a good example of why that’s working for Apple.

[via Macrumors]

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