Apple Updating MobileMe with New Features including Push Web Based Email iOS ‘Find my Phone’ App

Apple will be updating MobileMe with new features soon says MacRumors. They’ve received tips that the beta of the redesigned Mail interface will go final and receive real-time updating of new emails. This functionality is already available in competing services such as Gmail. MobileMe services will also see the removal of the toolbar used for accessing the services with a single application switching icon.


Apple are also working on a new Find my iPhone app for iOS devices. This app will be free and will work with a MobileMe account. It will let users track their devices, send messages to them or remotely lock or wipe them. These features are already available for MobileMe users but require visiting the website to use these services. An app would make it really easy to access the functionalities.

Screen shot 2010-06-18 at 6.00.14 AM.png

These updates are expected to be available for MobileMe users once the service is restored after its scheduled maintenance earlier today.

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